Grease Trap Cleaning & Pumping

Offering reliable and efficient solutions for grease trap cleaning and pumping to local restaurants, dining establishments and commercial kitchens.


Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Sustainable Liquid Solutions stands as a leading provider of commercial grease trap cleaning services. We take pride in our collaborations with commercial kitchens and food service establishments, ensuring comprehensive restaurant grease trap cleaning solutions.

If the urgency for a commercial grease trap cleaning partner arises within Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County, or San Diego County, know that you can reach out to Sustainable Liquid Solutions at your convenience. Our seasoned crew of grease trap specialists is prepared to deliver reliable emergency assistance, tailored to address even the most pressing grease-related requirements.

The Importance of Grease Trap Cleaning

A kitchen brought to a standstill due to an overflowing grease trap is a scenario to avoid. Excessive grease and debris in the trap can lead to a complete sewer line blockage, disrupting the smooth functioning of both kitchen and bathroom drains. Rather than waiting for a full-blown clog, take proactive steps to ensure your grease trap is effectively serviced and maintained.

Regularly scheduling restaurant grease trap cleaning through a reliable service partner is advisable. Meanwhile, adopting several preventive measures can help mitigate clogging and potential system damages resulting from an excess of grease: